Sunday, 12 January 2014

When Love Arrives...

My obsession for Spoken Word seems to spark some sort of inspiration in me. This particular poem was inspired by Sarah Kay ( My Favourite Spoken Word Poet) and Phil Kaye's very own "When Love Arrives". Watch them perform it live here
This poem, for some reason, strikes me hard, some parts, fiction, some parts, facts some parts, well, mere fantasy. Hope you enjoy!!

In primary school, love was our colouring books, pens and pencils. We'd look at each of them each day and share with them our imaginations.

Come junior high school, love was that drop-dead gorgeous guy in our favourite sitcom, who often entered the class in slo-motion and drove a Porsche to a high school

In senior high school, love was the cutest boy with curly hair and mad dance skills in our 'brother' school who had nose-diving grades that we didn't care about.

Strangely, this love felt far...
I searched my hostels,( and well in an all girls' school ), love wasn't there.
I often hustled to usher every social event that included our 'brother' schools, so that I could flash a smile at some dude whose stare lasted for more than 7 seconds. (frankly, 3 seconds.) (Continue Reading.....)

I imagined, this time not to my colouring books, but to the ears of my best friends  how my love would one day, walk into my class, in slo-motion, sit at a desk close to mine, throw a wink and pass a pink note to me EVERY morning, how he would park his Porsche close to the window of my classroom, with his rims stil spinning, he'd step out and flash a smile :-)

I came into the University and still waited for love to keep a seat beside me in the Lecture Theatre so that we would chat away in class in the presence of prying lecturers.

I waited for love to come pick me up to get my favorite meal when i said i was hungry.
I waited for love to drop by with a box of cakes, no matter how much i hated cakes.
I waited for love to sit beside me at chapel services and we would exchange chapel notes and pretend we were attentively 'jotting' and we would return our notes back at the end of service, rest assured that our 'jottings' would make us smile for the rest of the week.

I waited for love to make me laugh when i was ill and most especially, when i cried.
I waited for love to hand me bracelets cos i loved them, and wear me his wristwatch while i was asleep in class.
I waited for love to drop notes in my hall while i was out.
I waited for love to throw a surprise party for me, for no reason...
I waited, running wild in my own imaginations.

When Love Arrived,
Love had short black hair and side burns i detested.
Love danced like a rabid dog, starved for months
Love's grades were sky-rocketing, I always felt intimidated.
Love, believe me, was not drop dead gorgeous at all!
Love had giant strides like a giraffe and often ran into class like he was being chased by dementors! (Yes, I'm a potter-head and proud!)

Love wasn't even old enough to drive.
Love wouldn't even look at me while i spoke to him but he'd often quote, days later, words i hardly remembered saying, that struck him hard
Love wouldn't sit beside me in class, Love hated coming to class!
Love wouldn't even bring a jotter to class, talk less of a pink note.
Love hated coming to my hall, Love said I ate too much.
Love didn't even know i hated cakes.

Love never came for chapel services.
Love couldn't wink.
Love hated writing.
Love laughed hard at me when i was ill, and ran away when i cried because i often left Love confused.
Love took all my bracelets while I slept in class and would wake me up with a fright when his large hands hit my shoulder.
Love hated surprises and loved women.

For some reasons, I wasn't dissapointed because,
Love enjoyed hanging out with me and I, him.
Love would gist me about his 'away match' things with girls.
Love would ask me for advice about the girl he had a big crush on.
Love would tell me his big dreams of the future.
Love would laugh
Love would cry( and I would run!).
Love fell in love.....
Love walked away!

Several years later, love picked up a book that fell from my bag at a National Library and looked up.
Love was there!!
Love had long curly hair and drove a Porsche!!!
Love loved reading and writing!!
Love was drop-dead gorgeous, Love had a beard!!!
Love was fair, Love helped an old lady cross the road!!!
Love invited me for a carol of nine lessons.

Love threw a surprise birthday party for me with plenty cakes!!
Love was quiet...
Love loved to stare at me!!
Love made me smile, while I was ill
Love watched me while i cried, Love would tap me on my shoulder and say ''that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"
Love took me on a date and danced like a pro!
Love walked gracefully into my home in admiration
Love listened to me raptly and never asked for anything i wasn't willing to give
Love didn't want to change me
Love had grown, literally!!!
Love grew, and i grew in Love!!

Love, LOVED me!!
One day, Love asked,
'My Love, Would you walk down the isle with me by your side?'
Then I knew, Love Had Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*blushes*... Feel free to write,in the comment box, what you wanted as Love, what your Love was and what your Love ended up as.. Thanks for reading!! Have a blessed Sunday!!


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