Saturday, 1 February 2014

Boys Who Write...

This is a spoken word poetry I've been dying to post since. Inspired by a friend of mine and of course, numerous spoken word poetry i recently listened to, So here's to the under-appreciated or over-loved sweet and romantic boys who write to their loved ones!

Boys who Write
It was a usual conversation,
A dude had walked past,
and the usual 'ooooh!'s followed him behind,
quiet, I sat, pondering why
lost in my thoughts, I heard
'what type of guy do you prefer?'
frightened, eyes moved east and west almost instantly,
Did that really need an answer?
I shrunk on my seat,
the air must have left the room, I thought,
but the windows were wide ajar!,
with the courage of a 17-year old, I found my voice saying,
'' I like boys with packs and chiseled hands,
A twinkling in their eyes,
and a Cross-of-Jesus on their necks,
large hands and white teeth,
and all those teeny little bits
But mostly,
I prefer a Boy who Writes!"  (Continue Reading)

who scribbles word for word 
from thoughts upon thoughts,
in his mind,
page meets stage,
on his large hands,
pen put to paper.

He writes and writes,
How the rays of the sun 
trickled into his eyes while he woke,
If the kettle might be singing a song while whsitling in the morning,
Why he smiled at the old lady next door as she watered her plants.

I prefer Boys who Write,
over and over again,
when I'm mad at him,
he apologises in writing,
when he misses me,
he tells me in writing,
for hours long,
he combines words,
page after page,
he fills his thoughts with me,
and describes,
In the words of Chimamanda,
how my smile makes him smile,
In the pageantry of  Sefi Atta,
how my tooth is broken at an angle,
and how that makes me unique.

I like boys who send messages lengthy and sweet,
on Whatsapp, Facebook or by tweets,
but I prefer boys who sit,
for several minutes,
placing a fancy pen in hand,
in his utmost ridiculous handwriting,
pours his heart in writing,
folds the paper uniquely,
and sprays his cologne on it,
so that, like a dog who salivates,
at the sound of the bell of its food,
I would always smile,
at the sight of the unique paper,
at the scent of his cologne.

I would read his notes,
over and over again,
When I'm happy,
I'd read them,
When I'm sad,
I'd read them,
Daily, to remind myself,
there's someone who cares,
who takes his time,
to show he's there.

I prefer a boy who writes,
Even when there's nothing to say,
He writes,
assuring me he's here to stay,
He writes,
Sometimes, when he wants to play,
He writes,
'I Love You' in so many ways,
He writes,
'You are Beautiful everyday',
He writes..

So you see,
I like the twinkling eyes,
and the 'Cross-of-Jesus' necks,
the white teeth,
and other little bits...
But most of all,
I prefer a Boy Who Writes!


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