Tuesday, 4 March 2014

100 Things I know to be true (Part 1).... #100Things

Here's a list I've since planned on putting together 14 days from now, a year ago. 100 is quite a number, as well as the amount of truth in this world, and with the help of you, i hope to complete it in time. Here's how it goes, you could write what you know to be true in the comment box or tweet using #100Things (@iweanyawrites or @C_ronn ) and your truth would definitely help complete my list ;) It could be about anything, really, anything!, ranging from your favourite food to your best moments to science to gymnasts to poetry to shoe sizes! anything at all!!!. Feel free to share your opinions and idiosyncrasies as well as enjoy reading mine.

So Here's 100 Things I Know To Be True (Part 1).....

I Know that

#1.  God's love is the only kind that never hurts.

#2.  Family is the best form of relationship ever!

#3.  Sarah Kay definitely has super powers when it comes to words.

#4.  Holding hands are sometimes much more cuter than hugs and kisses.

#5.  I love people who listen to their loved ones.

#6.  People change, even it takes them 10 years or a broken leg.

#7.  Some hide a lot from speaking the truth out loud because at times there's no one to listen.

#8.  No-one is capable of true love without knowing the Author of true love.

#9.  A rape victim is never at fault.

#10.  Everyone, boy or girl, is BEAUTIFUL!


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