Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What Ofili Said about The Centenary Celebration @Ofilispeaks

I've been off Nigerian News for a while because i'm totally tired of the phenomenon called "Nigeria". I think we're jokers and our leaders are the chief jokers. We recently just celebrated 100 years which was quite controversial especially with the names of awardees. Below is what a mentor of mine wrote about the celebration in exactly the same way he wrote it.
"This is not a joke…The Nigerian Presidential Committee recognizes Ibrahim Badmusi Babangida and Sani Abacha as…drum roll…
“Outstanding promoters of unity, patriotism and national development” for their centenary awards.
What the flying f***!!!
Like really are we living in a country of forgetful clowns. They are not just considered “Ordinary promoters” they are “OUTSTANDING promoters.”
Our government is clueless…I am sorry. And Ken Saro-wiwa’s name is not even listed there! F*** the entire Presidential Committee on the centenary. You guys are idiots for insulting Nigerians with that list."
I agree with him. 


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